Kaal Sarp Yog Puja in Trimbakeshwar

What is Kaal Sarp Yog?

Are you trying to give your one hundred percent at work or in your business but still failing? Are you facing loss in your business? Do you always go down with some or the other health issues? If your answer is yes, then we can help you find the reason behind this dreaded downfall of your personal, professional and health life. According to Hindu astrology, this might be a result of Kaal Sarp Yog.

Maybe you have heard about ‘Kaal Sarp Yog’ before or maybe you haven’t, but it is believed that many people become a victim of the Kaal Sarp Yog and face it’s dreadful consequences.

Kaal Sarp Yog is formed when all the seven planets of our Solar System are enclosed between the planets of Rahu and Ketu. Kaal Sarp mostly brings about negative effects and consequences in your life, but it can also bring in positive ones.

The effects of the yog completely depend and upon and vary according to the positions of the planets in one’s kundli.

At its worst, the Kalsarpa Yoga can cast horrifying effects on your health, finances, and work. Kaal Sarp Dosh holds back your progress by making even simple tasks cumbersome and difficult.

Problems Because of Kaal Sarp Yog:

  • Unhappy and Unstable Married Life.
  • Childlessness.
  • Constant physical and mental health problems.
  • Delays in Marriage
  • Financial Problems
  • Obstacles in Professional Life.
  • Loss in business.

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Kaal Sarp Yog Remedies:

It may seem impossible to get rid of the unwelcoming effects of kaal sarp dosh, but there are some remedies available to remove and reverse the effects of kaal sarp yoga from your kundli. You can read our article on the remedies for kaal sarp yog here.

One of the most effective and commonly practiced remedy for Kaal Sarp Yog Nivaran is performing the Kaal Sarp Yog Puja in Trimbakeshwar Temple, an ancient Hindu temple situated at the banks of Godavari river near the city of Nashik.

About Kal Sarp Yog Puja in Trimbakeshwar Temple:

Trimbakeshwar is a Temple that home to Lord Shiva located in the town of Trimbak near Nashik City. The Pandits and deities of this temple strongly believe that performing the Kaal Sarp Yog Puja here completely remove the dosh from the individuals horoscope.

Every year, thousands of victims of the kalsarp yog visit the Trimbakeshwar Temple and perform the puja with a pandit guiding them to get rid of the effects of kaal sarp yog.

One such pandit is Pandit Sunil Guruji, who has been helping the victims of this terrifying misalignment in their horoscope get rid of it by performing the kaal sarp yog shanty puja at Trimbakeshwar Temple.

With his experience, knowledge and devotion; he has been able to reverse the effects of the kaalsarp yog in every puja which he has performed. To get in touch with Pandit Sunil Guruji call 08380000844.

The ritual of the Kaal Sarp Yog Puja begins with a dip in the waters of the holy Godavari river. This is done to purify your mind and soul, followed by worshipping of Lord Mahamritunjay Trimbakeshwar after the main ceremony.

Life after the Kaal sarp Yog Puja in Trimbakeshwar:

  • Stability in professional life and growth opportunities in career.
  • A happy and stable life.
  • Eradicates all obstacles in the way of success.
  • Provides harmony and peace in all aspects of life.

Kalsarp Dosh can affect your life for 47 years and sometimes even for your entire life. Our question is, why wait for that long?

If you feel that the reason behind the endless problems and stress in your personal and professional life is a dosh in your horoscope, then feel free to get in touch with us today for all queries related to Kalsarp yog pooja in trimbakeshwar. Just give us a call on +91 8380000844.

Call Pandit Sunil Maharaj to Book your puja at +91 8380000844

Sunil Maharaj

Sunil Maharaj are expert in Kaal Sarp Pooja, has given 100% result to devotees around the world. They are old and experienced pandit from Trimbakeshwar.


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