Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Dosh, Upay, Remedies, Effects, Benefits and Chart

Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Dosh, Upay, Remedies, Effects, Benefits and Chart

What is Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Dosh?

Mahapadma Kaal Sarp Dosh is to be formed in a kundali when Rahu is placed in the sixth house of the horoscope, Ketu is placed in the twelfth house of the horoscope and all other planets are placed in the house ranging from the sixth house to the twelfth house of the horoscope.

Mahapadma is one of the species of powerful snakes like Vasuki, Takshak, Karkotak and Padma.

Problems/Dosh caused by Mahapadma kaalsarp dosh when formed in horoscope:

Mahapadma kaal sarp dosh can get the natives into many types of troubles, including problems in married life, visits to hospital, legal cases and litigations, imprisonments due to legal cases, financial debts.

The native can face mild to serious problems in his married life depending upon the strength of the dosh and overall tone of the kundali.

Arguments are the main reason for the sleepless night and sometimes it may be a primary reason for divorce.

The person might have to spend considerable part of their lives in foreign land staying away from their spouse and family due to native effect of the dosh.

Financial debts are also the major problem which is formed due to some bad habits of the native, like taking loans from friends, wasting entire amount on temporary luxuries, comforts, gambling.

The person (Native) may also face problems like facing setbacks, increasing number of enemies, sleeping problems (insomnia)

Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Yog Remedies and Upay

Jaapa of Mahamritunjaya Mantra for one lakh twenty five thousand times and KaalSarp mahapooja of Lord Shiva.

Worship Lord Shiva with milk and water for 30 days during Shravan Maas to reduce the effect.

On the day of NaagPanchmi ( ShuklaPaksha), Shiv ratri or Shravan Monday 14 pairs of silver Naag Nagin, milk, curd, rice, sugar, ghee, white chandan, fruits, 14 flowers of akora, 14 flowers of lotus to be offered to Lord Shiva.

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Mahapadam kaal sarp dosh Effects on marriage:

Depending upon the strength of the dosh in kundali of the native the marriage related problems can be mild to serious.

Serious arguments between the native and his spouse and mostly these arguments start and heat up during the bed time which can cause the person to have sleepless night due to mood upset.

Sometimes the dosh causes a lack of physical compatibility between the native and his spouse due to which the native is not able to enjoy sex life in healthy way and may have to go to bed many times without fulfilling his physical desires which can again lead him/her to stay awake till late night.

Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Dosh Benefits or Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Yog Benefits

  • The person despite of having hidden and powerful enemies is likely to be very courageous and braves.
  • Hard work and abilities can help to get all material pleasures.
  • The person with this kaalsarpyog is very sharp minded.
  • Can achieve success in politics and also high government positions.

Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Dosh and It’s Nivaran

Vedic astrology is equipped with many remedies that can reduce the strength of Mahapadam KaalSarp Yog formed in a horoscope.

These remedies include the application of gemstones, yantras, poojas and charities.

Doing suitable remedies can certainly help reduce the strength of this defect and the native may witness better or much better results in the spheres of his life, which are affected by Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Dosh in his horoscope.

Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Dosh Chart

According to the chart you will understand how did the dosh has occurred in your horoscope.

Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Dosh Chart
Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Dosh Chart

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