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What is Pitra Dosh?

Pitra Dosh is one of the most misrepresnted concepts of Vedic astrology as many astrologers describe it as the curse of ancestors and accordingly they suggest remedies to pacify and please the ancestors, so that such ancestors may take back their curse.

Pitra Dosh is not the expletive/curse of the ancestors but the ancestors of the native having this defect in his horoscope are themselves cursed. It means that the ancestors of one such native have committed bad karmas and the native has to pay for them. Hence the remedies for this defect; like Pitra Dosh nivaran puja should not be performed with the goal of pleasing the ancestors, they should be performed with the goal of relieving the ancestors of their karmic debts so that the native may also feel relieved.

Pitra Dosh may arise due to any of the following reasons:

  • Bad deeds (bad karma) of our ancestors in earlier life
  • Bad deeds (bad karma) of children, knowingly or unknowingly, embarrassing the soul of the ancestors
  • Unfulfilled desires of our departed ancestors
  • Intentionally done abortions may lead to Pitra Dosha
  • A sudden and unnatural death of any relative / ancestors in early age
  • If someone fails to remember and honour the ancestors properly

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Some of the impacts of pitra dosh on individuals are

  • Pitra Dosha may bring to disgrace to the family
  • Pitra Dosha results in repeated failure in examinations
  • Obstructions in conceiving baby
  • Delay in marriage and strained married life
  • Kids may frequently fall ill
  • Problems in Family

All the pandits/purohits start chanting Saturn Veda mantra on daily basis for about 6 to 8 hours a day; and in such a way that they are able to complete the chant of 125,000 mantras till the decided day of completion of this puja. The pandits/purohits keep chanting Saturn Veda mantra on daily basis till the day of the completion and they complete the committed chant of mantras on that day.

After completion of chant of Saturn Veda mantra, the completion ceremony is arranged for the puja, which can take about 2-3 hours if done with proper procedure. A puja for lord Shiva, goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha and other members of Shiva family is performed first, and many types of offerings like flowers, fruits, sweets, milk, curd, honey, desi ghee, sugar and many other things are offered to these gods and goddesses.

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja helps in overcoming the negative impacts of Pitra Dosh executed at a few designated places like Gaya, Banaras, Pehowa, Tryambkeshwar, Hardwar etc.Tryambkeshwar is believed to be the best place for puja. Some people choose to perform this Puja at home too. An expert astrologer or a senior Pandit should be consulted when performing this Puja at home. be consulted when performing this Puja at home.

Call Pandit Sunil Maharaj to Book your puja at 08380000844

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Sunil Maharaj are expert in Kaal Sarp Pooja, has given 100% result to devotees around the world. They are old and experienced pandit from Trimbakeshwar.

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